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Cheap Chinese TZT-TS01 NTP Server
« on: June 09, 2023, 11:37:13 am »
Cheap Chinese TZT-TS01 NTP Server

A while ago i bought a Chinese TS01 NTP server, as a low power "Backup NTP Server".

I decided on this one.
TZT TS01 Network Time Server NTP Server for Beidou GPS GLONASS

It's NOT TimeNuts material, and won't really recommend it, unless you can live with the shortcommings.

Low Power
GPS receiver is sensitive.

It has a permanet offset around 130..140ms, from the other Stratum-1 NTP servers i use.
No DHCP , static ip only.
No Webinterface for configuring.
Windows Configre APP is in Chinese ONLY, so be prepared to play "Guess a setting/function".
The display shows the received time, but uses Beijung TZ - And i'm quite sure there's no way to change that.
Changing the ip address to one that fits my setup, was quite a challenge. Mostly due to it being in chinese.

You need to register the configure progrem key on an Internet server somewhere, before the program will connect to the NTP Box.
When you start the Configure program, it will show you a "register key seed", my guts tell me that seed ia generated from ie. "the pc's netcard mac address".
Then you have to go to the register server, and key in the "seed key", and you'll be shown the "activation key".
If that server disapears, you have no possibility to reregister on a new pc, and the box is useless.

It has been running for a month or so, wo. any issues besides the above.
But today i noticed that it had a "Reach of 0 , and a When of 92h", display shows normal , and LAN (traffic) is blinking.
I did  power off, and a NTP restart - Now it's alive again.


My box is the kv-ntp....

Code: [Select]
ntpq -p
     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter
==============================================================================      .PPS0.           1 u   46  128  377    6.738    0.180   0.354
-kv-ntp-01.luna- .GPS.            1 u   88  128  377    3.340  -167.05   1.919     .DFM.            1 u  125  128  377    2.923   -0.027   0.203
*mmo2.ntp.netnod .PPS.            1 u   49  128  377    2.405   -0.085   0.448
+ .GPS.            1 u  134  128  377    4.223    0.026   0.136
-time.cloudflare         3 u  122  128  377   10.426   -0.453   0.247    2 u    6  128  377    5.093   -0.104   0.104

My box is 10.xx.yy.zz

Code: [Select]
awk -f peer.awk peerstats.20230601
       ident     cnt     mean     rms      max     delay     dist     disp
==========================================================================    57    0.161    0.271    0.837   10.310   24.938   16.366    56    0.049    0.181    0.712    2.091   20.658   16.621
10.xx.yy.zz       51  138.099    0.732    1.614    4.153   22.769   16.232   57    0.145    0.258    0.728    6.861   23.125   16.294     58   -0.032    0.167    0.610    2.871   21.130   16.477

If you are on a "tight budget" , and you can live with a 130+ ms offset , plus chinese app & risky registering.
Then it could be acceptable .... But i see others wo. the display, hat has a web config interface in english , and even seems to be cheaper.

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Re: Cheap Chinese TZT-TS01 NTP Server
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2023, 04:14:59 pm »
Thanks for exploring this product, this topic is interesting to me.

This sounds like the micro is using the timestamp of the serial/NMEA data from the gps rather than the PPS. That would explain the high offset and jitter.

That problem and the management software issues would make it not worth it to me.
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