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Cohu 355 DC Voltage Standard

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Hello, does anybody happen to own a Cohu 355 DC Voltage Standard? I have just purchased one and I need a manual for the calibration. I could only find half of the manual online that basically just has the circuit description. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

In your travels if you find any cal/circuit/service details on the 303B then I'd appreciate a PM as I haven't attempted to restore that unit yet.  Kintel is the other relevant search term to Cohu.

There is actually a manual for the 303B on ebay for 20 dollars. It t should have service info in there. The seller also has other Cohu manuals but unfortunately not for the 355. I'm tempted to buy the manual to see if I can use its calibration info for my 355. The controls are the same but laid out in a different configuration. I assume the circuitry would be somewhat similar .

I had a COHU 355 and manual but sold it. I still have a scan of the manual (no original print just an old copy) which I just uploaded to KO4BB. It is available there at recent uploads:

Thank you very much bnz!! I really appreciate uploading the manual  :-+ :-+


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