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Datron voltage reference PCB module pics.

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Here are some pictures of a Datron voltage reference PCB module which plugs onto another plug in card in an old 4800 series calibrator (the calibrator has had a fiery death and is now spare parts for 'other' still operational units!!).
I have removed the plastic covers which ,(also have foam installed too), keep air currents off the LTZ1000.
To note also the pcb is only 0.6mm thick.

After searching around I could not find any pics of this module before posting these, so excuse me if it allready has been posted somewhere else.
Also looking at it it would seem to follow the Datron schematic posted in the LTZ1000 thread.

Poor thing cooked itself up. Thanks for posting!

Great posting. I guess its the first time.

Excellent! I've seen that swastika cutout design a few times before.

Very cool, thanks for sharing!  :-+


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