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Datron/Wavetek 4600 transconductance amplifier



I am looking for the op and service manual of the Datron/Wavetek 4600 transconductance amplifier. Thank you.

if your unit is working you do not really need a manual, because it is very easy to use.

There are two modes:
- Solo Mode (without 480x calibrator) you only need to put in Voltage and 4600 gives out the corrosponding Ampere.
- Slave Mode, if you want the best possible results, then connect it to a 480x calibrator. You then need a special cable set (details are described in the 480x manual (4600 = Option 60)). In this combination you only need to connect the 4600 output to your DUT and put the 480x in 10A range and do any settings on the calibrator.   

Thank you for answer but
1. I need to calibrate it ; of course I have the necessary calibrated DC and AC shunts
2. J54 is a DB15 but what about the manufacturer of the plug for J56 "analog connect" ?

For the analog cable you need two different connectors from LEMO (male and female). I have to look for the exact part numbers and I can take a picture if that helps.


--- Quote from: jfphp on February 09, 2016, 06:43:19 pm ---I need to calibrate it ; of course I have the necessary calibrated DC and AC shunts

--- End quote ---


Calibrated at two output currents 0A and +10A, after that verified at -10A.

* 0V in, adjust R411 for 0A out
* +10V in, adjust R417 for +10A out
* Verify at -10V in / -10A out


Calibrated at 10A 5kHz.

* Compare DC and 5kHz AC at 10A by using a suitable shunt / thermal transfer standard. Adjust C424 for null on the thermal transfer standard.


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