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DIY Metrology Oil Bath for Standard Resistors

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In "Long term characterization of voltage references" they used "...a bath of perfluoropolyther heat transfer fluid (Galden HT 110) which has a high resistance (about 10e15  ? · cm) and a low viscosity (hence a good temperature homogeneity). This configuration also prevents any influence of the hygrometry and reduces the thermo-electric voltages at the soldered junctions on the electronics boards...".


--- Quote from: acbern on January 14, 2016, 09:09:09 am ---Attached some pictures of my 'oil bath' (inside, front and rear view).

--- End quote ---
Very nice :-+
The markings on the second photo, was is laser engraving?
One small thing about arranging 4W is a straight line is it won't allow current pair and sense pair at the same time, and a standard ‘wind screen’ won't fit, of course that situation may rare to happen.

I have some photo of real oil bath from web.

The markings are engraved. The front panel is from schaeffer-ag.de. Not cheap, but quite convenient. Not cost efficient for multiples.


--- Quote from: timb on January 14, 2016, 10:50:13 pm ---

Where did you get that enclosure? And what is the part number or series of the Vishay resistors you used?

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The case is from a Wandel & Goltermann instrument, very distinctive. Possibly from a PDA3 or DF64


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