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DMM does not stabilize when measuring resistance

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I know this is user error, but why can I not get a stable reading from a 34465A DMM using 2 wire or 4 wire on a 1kohm resistor?  I have 10 PLC, yet the value ranges from 0.982817 to 0.982920 … this seems more than the spec allows for. The resistor is not in circuit.

It takes about 2 minutes to reach some form of stable value.

What kind of resistance are you measuring? What kind of test leads are you using? How long did you wait for the reading to stabilize?

The test voltage in the 1 kiloohm range of the 34465A is 1 volt. You may need a little time to warm up the resistance under test.

With that kind of resolution you can't ignore thermal emf.

It is a 1k 1% carbon resistor. The meter says it uses 1mA on the 1k ohm range.  It feels very cool to the touch. Thermocouple says resistor is 1C below room temp after 5 minutes, yet value still fluctuates.

I don't have any carbon film resistors in my hand, so I can't repeat your experiment. However, I think your multimeter is worth testing it with a better resistance.


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