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Ebay fraud - Datron 4910 - Voltage reference

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Hello there,

always during week-ends and preferably during night time in the responsable Ebay branch fraudulous offers appear.

Using stolen pictures and pirating good ebay accounts some fraudsters want to be contacted (and paid of course) outside of the Ebay platform. This is the dubious offer:


I just informed the security department of Ebay Germany.

Best regards

Hello Folks - same impostor is posting fraudulent auctions about 3458A unit ... - he uses stolen photos and someone else online shop.


If price is too good to be true - stay away and inform ebay ...

Best regards

Hello ScoobyDoo,

could you give Ebay a ring? Will have to join a meeting now...

Best regards

Hello Try - sent ebay a message about 3 similar fraudulent ads - I hope they remove those soon.

However this impostor returns every week using different hacked accounts from webshops ... - eBay should do more effort to stop these crooks.

Best regards

some easy checks: 

location item [USA / Germany] and address webshop - VAT number [GB] does not match
They do not respond on messages coming from ebay which is against ebay policy
A pawn shop is involved but they only accept the minimum reserve and will make proposal to pay outside ebay system
Price is still too good to be true ... - a good 3458A starts around 4000$ (and above) these days or something is fishy

I've reported a bunch of these listings in the last days (and more in the weeks prior).  They keep matching some of my searches so I keep reporting them.
When you see a listing with that pawn shop image in particular, just click Report Item then choose "Listing Practices", "Avoiding eBay fees", "Contact info in listings" - or something similar.
Every time I've done this the listing dissapears within a day, along with any similar listings (possibly all listings) on the hacked seller account.
I've just done it for the two listings mentioned above.


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