Author Topic: ebay seller of used (aged?) voltage references and other precisione components  (Read 1977 times)

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I hope this is not inappropriate.
A couple of days ago I received several voltage reference ICs (AD588BQ and AD587JK) from the ebay shop hifi-szjxic.

According to my limited knowledge and instruments all the ICs are genuine and within specifics with the exception of one AD587JK which was DOA, but the seller promptly accepted to refund it via paypal, so he/she is probably quite reliable (currently 99.7% of positive feedbacks).

It looks like hifi-szjxict has many different kinds of used voltage references and precision resistors (and other components).

BTW I've no relation (apart a single purchase, so far) with the seller.

I hope this piece of information might be useful, if it is not appropriate please let me know and I'll delete the message
(can a member delete his own posts? I'm new here :) ).
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So long as the disclosure is truthful, they clearly state they are used, there is no problem.

Used ICs are a common eBay parts item, you can google many stories about a cottage industry in many countries of folks salvaging parts.  Used references can be excellent, they are pre-aged and should give much better long term performance.  The only problem is the method they use to reclaim parts can be brutal, or not.  YMMV.  You'd have to thoroughly check the parts.

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I bought some used 10k Vishay S102 resistors from the same vendor. They came quickly, they were well and carefully packed, they'd clearly been carefully removed from whatever they were from and, more importantly, were still electrically well within original specification.
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