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EDC MV116 Adjustment
« on: October 23, 2017, 06:28:35 pm »
Before this weekend I brought my MV116 into the university cal lab, so it could warm up for two days. Today I performed the adjustments described in the manual I found online and now I wanna share the results.

Adjust the zener voltage to the one written on the sticker inside the case.
Offset, measured at output: 0.13568mV to 0.00066mV.
Offset 2, Sense Offset, open link between black terminals, measure between them and adjust to <1mV: 0.11579mV to 0.00279mV.
Feedback current, adjusting for 1V on second decade: 0.999981V to 1.0000004V.

Now all done on first decade.
Linearity at 2V: 1.999919V to 2.000001V

at 1V: 1.000017V to 1.000001V

at 4V 4.00014V to 4.000003V

at 6V 6.000051V to 6.000002V

at 8V 8.000137V to 8.000001V

at 10V: 9.999995V to 10.000002V

Full scale 1V: 1.000040V to 1.000002V

100mV: 100.06715mV to 100.06240mV

All done in a temperature stable room at 23.5° +-0.5°, with a HP3458A calibrated last time around seven years ago. So its by no means perfect, but totally fine for my home lab. At first I thought my unit was broken, because I coudnt get the "Offset 2" under 1mV. Then I found out that the trimmpot that I thought is for overcurrent protection is for the "Offset 2".
I change the electrolytic caps. The foto used is a older one.
I also measured every range with each setting on the first decade too.

Gamma spectrometer works. Now some yellow crystals need regenerating and testing.
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