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external 10M ref for scope

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I have a 6 series infiniivision scope. It has I think 15ppm internal clock. I would like to improve freq. counter and jitter measurements. What kind of freq. ref/oscillator is the best fit ? I am a bit confused about differences among alternatives, what should be the selection criteria ?

Before the Rubidium Clock fanatics wade in. Just get a GPS Based Reference GPSDO like this, it will have a much better ppm than what you currently have and isn't going to break the bank. At least it gives you a frequency source to play with.

OK, and if I need to use it far from a window etc. I guess it will not work ? so in this case is an OCXO enough before going to rubidium ?

So you think better frequency and jitter is the solution. But what is your problem.

Are you sure a scope is the most appropriate tool?

No but I dont want to buy a freq. counter or another device yet, also I may need to sync some devices including the scope. Basically I think what I am asking is what would be a good choice as the first freq. ref or master clock.


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