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Fluke 341A DC voltage calibrator

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Check out this repair video. Nice vintage piece of precision gear from 1970s. Not a metrology lab grade, of course, but still very cool 6 digits 0.005%.  A few capacitors failed, but otherwise still in spec.


Good job on the repair, amazing that some measurements are almost still within the recently calibrated specs.

By the way, I wonder what do the voltage reference gurus on this forum think about the SZA263 used in this calibrator?


--- Quote from: feedback.loop on November 26, 2015, 11:24:22 pm ---Not a metrology lab grade, of course, but still very cool 6 digits 0.005%.

--- End quote ---
Thanks for another great video.

Well, it might not be a metrology grade equipment today, but I think in the 70's it was for sure metrology grade.
Especially since most voltmeters were analog in those days.

At 11:30 the 34401A is shown measuring 30uV AC of noise - but the 34401A becomes very inaccurate below 1mV and wildly so below about 100uV AC according to this:


It looks like the Tektronix scope has a problem calculating RMS voltages at low levels - at 12:27  after reducing the b/w to 20MHz it shows the peak-peak value to be mostly similiar to (or below) the RMS value which is unlikely (to impossible). Not that it matters at those levels.


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