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Hello, I am new the forum and hope I can post this here.

I have a Fluke 5100B which I picked up for £77 from eBay (Non-functioning). Anyway, pretty much all fixed now after many hours. Now I am hoping to have it calibrated, only for my home lab setup. But no one near me can offer calibration for these sorts of devices. I am wondering if anyone in England (ideally south) has had one of these or similar units calibrated and could provide some company names? Or have people calibrated these themselves? I don't have all the equipment to do that and my test equipment hasn't been calibrated in some time so I doubt that would even be worthwhile. I appreciate any advice or comments.

Thanks, Tom


Fluke UK calibration lab provides calibration service for this instrument.

Welcome to the forum, and congratulations on your repair :)

Not knowing anything about you or your background or experience, I'll obliquely mention traps that some people fall into....
Do you want it calibrated or adjusted? 
Do you want to know its output is within specification, or to have its output measured with stated uncertainties?
How deep are your pockets? :(

Thank you - I did try Fluke but no reply from them on a price and I expect it would be expensive.

I wanted a full cal, not just adjusted. It will then be used to calibrate some of my other equipment. Unfortunately I have a HP meter to calibrate too but the 5100B isn't precise enough... So will look at getting that sent out for cal somewhere too.

Be aware of Keysight (i.e. HP) policy, as per https://www.eevblog.com/forum/testgear/keysight-officially-lost-the-plot-dont-buy-if-youre-a-hobbyist/

It feels like you might not be using the terms "calibration" and "adjustment" in the way used in metrology.

Can I suggest you do some research on "calibration vs adjustment". For example https://blog.wika.com/knowhow/calibration-or-adjustment-wheres-the-difference/ contains

To “calibrate” in measurement technology means to determine the measuring deviations in the complete measuring instrument. With calibration there is no technical intervention at the measuring instrument, such as zero adjustment, span and linearity setting, etc. With indicating measuring instruments calibration establishes the measuring deviation between the display and what is claimed to be the correct value of the measurand.
“Adjustment” means setting or alignment of a measuring instrument (also a material measure) so that the measuring deviations are made as small as possible or that the magnitudes of the measuring deviations do not exceed the error limits.

If I was going to be seriously calibrating my equipment, I'd be very careful about what any given company might mean by "full calibration". Or "calibration" for that matter :(


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