Author Topic: Difference between push-on and thread-on microwave connector gages  (Read 456 times)

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Some of Maury Microwave's gage kits are threaded whereas others are push-on (see I assume the direct difference is obvious: the threaded ones have threads to screw onto the RF connector wheres the push-on ones don't. Some connectors have both varieties (3.5mm), but others just have gages of one variety (eg SMA only shows push-on).

In what ways are threaded preferable to push-on or vice versa?
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Re: Difference between push-on and thread-on microwave connector gages
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With threaded gauge and a decent torque spanner I would assume you to get better repeatability. I was messing with some 40 GHz VNA stuff today and they used a spanner to ensure all results were good.

The push on stuff would be quicker and depending on skill you could get ok results. I would be concerned with your hands warming them up. Depending on the ranges you are measuring temperature from handling can have some interesting errors.

Depending on cost then I would be tempted to get the ones with the cheapest indicators as the ones I see in the pictures are just copies of the mitutoyo units. Then I would buy the mitutoyo units as they can be had in 0.001mm resolution and possibly better accuracy (MPE). But that is the mechanical measurement nut in me.
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