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Fluke 5520A - Err 104

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Don't mention it!

Can you write there symptoms, please? As I can see on schematics from 57LFC, TC sourcing is obtained from V3_3 - is 3V3 range working in Voltage mode?
When zero or selftest mode is activated, signals from temp. meas/sens. is routed via U82 (DG444) - either TC meas or ISO meas to PMUX switched to ADC.
U82 is driven by TC MEAS or ISO MEAS (also activated when temperature sensing mode). These signals are coming from altera, pins 148 and 149. Are these signals OK? Be careful, I'm looking to 57LFC schematics where altera 10k is used, it's different.


The 5520A works fine except zero check throws up TCmeasZ Constant outside limits.
U82,U13,U6 were replaced as where U1,U2,U3 on the thermocouple board.
There is switching on some lines, presumably comparing the buried TC with the active TC but there is no activity on the SRC line from the Altera, at power on or reset.
If I remember correctly its held high.
On selecting TC Meas it displays 1000 deg C, removing the TC shows open TC.
"Measure" flashes up on the display at regular intervals.
I don't have access to the unit at the moment, its in service.

Dear All,

I got some problem with my 5520A.

DC voltage is OK.

AC voltage is OK for this voltage:
- 100 V
- 200 V
- 380 V
- 400 V
- 500 V
- 600 V
- 700 V

and not OK for this:
- 220 V
- 250 V
- 300 V
- 700 V
- 800 V
- 900 V
- 1000 V

It is not possible to make ZERO, then give this errors:
- 1505 (DDE:FRS ) VDAC counts out of range
- 399 (QYE:F ) Fault during %s
- 104 (DDE:FR D) Hardware relay trip occurred

yesterday when start self test - DIAG i got this errors:
- 399 (QYE:F ) Fault during %s  - AVOG33
- 314 (DDE:FR ) Divide by zero encountered
- 104 (DDE:FR D) Hardware relay trip occurred

Today self test pass????  |O

Today ZERO stops on 330 uA offset and got this errors:
- 1505 (DDE:FRS ) VDAC counts out of range
- 399 (QYE:F ) Fault during DIZ330U
- 104 (DDE:FR D) Hardware relay trip occurred

Do you got some suggestions????  :-//

Best regards!!!!

There could be many reasons for this, can you check these parts first?

U24 AD620B on A7 board
VR5-7-9-10 on A8 board

Dear All,

I got modest knowledge for testing of components on board.

I look some zener diodes on board and find that:
- VR5 got voltage 2 times bigger than VR7 and VR9 - value is 1.369V
- VR4 in both directions got approximately 0.336V

Maybe some of other components make some disturbances and from that reason I got this results.

Some other diode got 0 V when I testing them with DMM:
- CR15
- CR36

U24 AD620B on A/ board - I don t know how to test it?

Best regards and thanks for help!!!!


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