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Good evening,

I've noticed that there are almost no images of Fluke 730A on the web, except this

It just so happened that a unit arrived on my desk (/AH 13508). The batteries had leaked and were already removed, but other than that the unit was working.
I already replaced the HP connector by an IEC connector, etched away the residue that the NiCd had left on the aluminum of the battery compartement with go-devil, re-newed every single solder joint on the mainboard, gave the complete board a thoroughly clean, replaced the cables from the mainboard to the batteries and today removed the switch assembly to maintain it, as the springs were corroded and had left corrosion on the board. Most likely I have to replace all the springs of the switches, nothing impossible. Almost there to power it on myself.
What I found interesting though is that the "Mean Output" switch was factory locked, but I couldn't find a hint in the manual about it.


For the mean , there could be an averaging amp / or voltage divider.
edit: apparently it puts the in parallel  ???

By locked I mean the switch was physically locked by a plastic washer instead of having a spring and that washer was designed for the switch, so nothing that looks like a hack by someone to prevent the operator from pushing the switch. Hence why I'm curious if there were options the F730A was delivered with.
During the process of maintaining the switches one of the rods broke.  :palm:
Super glue didn't fix it and epoxy based glue didn't work either. I guess the rods are made of resin, so I will try UV curing resin as glue next. In worst case I have to cast the rod, as 3D printing probably won't work due to the very small features on the rod.
More images about to come, once I've managed to complete my overhaulin'.


The reference board looks quite a lot like the Fluke 731B, although clearly with a different layout. Except with the DH80417B which was also used in the 731A and some early 332/335 series calibrators instead of the SZA263. I have an early 731B which also has the DH80417B refamp (see attached pics).

More examples of early reference boards pre-SZA263 (this is from my Fluke 332D). I didn't take good pics of the reference itself, but one pic depicts 4ST1-2 (just as the manual states), which I assume to mean it's the DH80417B? 


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