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Fluke 87 iii: full service manual

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I'm looking for the full service manual for the fluke 87 iii; all I 've found is this 34 page long document named 'service information'. This isn't the full service manual isn't it? Has anyone found it?

There is NO publicly available service manual for the 87 III and/or 87V. There is one for the original 87.

What do you need the service manual for?

Mostly: curiosity. Is there a non-publicly available service manual out there?  >:D

Most test & measurement companies decided in the past decade to stop releasing schematics - Fluke including.

I have a Fluke 187 myself and I was not able to find any meaningful technical information about it.

One recent event however gave me hope. The long sought after schematics of the Tektronix TDS540A oscilloscope finality emerged despite statements from everyone that "it was NOT publicly available". I'm sure all those schematics are siting in someone's drawer and waiting to be scanned  :D

My personal believe is that those companies can only gain customer loyalty by proving superiority of their products by technical documentation and schematics. I grew up with the HP Journals and Agilent/Keisight was and still is the king partly because of this sharing.

It appears that the companies are afraid to give away their knowledge. Anyway, it didn't came as a surprise for me that Agilent/Keysight still has public documentation, they seem to recognize the importance of 'the 'community'. The stuff they have sent to Dave might be a good example, and I've also came across a tear down video made by Keysight themselves. 


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