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Got to play with the calibration machine today!


I bought a HP 3478A from EBay a few weeks ago. I had to fix the front panel to main PCB connection as some of the switches did not work. Of course it needed sticker goo cleaned off and a light cleaning. Is there some law that says the more stickers you plaster on a piece of equipment the better?

I brought it with me to work today and got to learn how to use the Tektronix 5100B to calibrate my meter. We found the DCV, ACV, and ACA were all OK. Ohms and DCA were out of tolerance, the ohms most noticeably. The calibration procedure is pretty straight forward though and now it is 'bang on' accurate :)

It made for a nice break from my normal day...

Yes, yes I do mean Fluke. After my co-worker showed me how to use the FLUKE 5100B and calibrate the meter we talked quite a bit about what a pain the Tektronix TM5000 series meters are to calibrate. We have a bunch of those in our teaching labs and they get the calibration checked after each semester. I must have had Tek on the brain after that :)


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