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Guildline 9730CR oil bath, under the cover+manual&cct.

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So seeing the DIY oil bath thread reminded me of a Guildline 9730 at work and thought some might like to see some pictures of under the covers.
So what is under the covers .............. well not that much really. See the photo's from the top is of course the bath with the strirrer/heater and cooling coil assembly with a temp sensor ! (a 390 ohm resitance) in a TO-39 case.
 Underneath is the compressor at one end and the stirrer motor and temp control at the opposite end so basically thats it. 
This unit has reached BER  :(, and now becomes spares for the other still operating Guildlines.

More pics.

Thanks for the teardown. Surprised they used a Fluke decade potentiometer instead of the ESI Deca-stat.

Indeed it was a surprise ,the dials are slightly different to ESI dials so generally stand out as not being from ESI. And to note the other Guildline baths at work actually have ESI pots instead. Perhaps the Flukes were to expensive  :P.

I was thinking that maybe it was because the two were competitors. Then I realized, that they are  not really that close.
@ lowimpedance
Can you take off the cover of that decade potentiometer. I'm curious is they used regular flat mica PWW resistors or Flkes usual teal cylindrical resistors.


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