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Help ! Extech Ex-540 or Brymen BM869s

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  Dear Friends;

       I'm in doubt. Whats better ,buy Extech Ex-540 or Brymen BM869s? Could you give me advice ?    :bullshit: :scared:

best regards

Get the Brymen. I have a PeakTech 3360 a similar meter to the Extech (made by the same oem, CEM). Continuity is really slow, range switch is annoying, but then again I got the meter for ~90$ which is an ok price. Also CEM meters seem to have quality control issues. Extech also sells Brymen made meters but they're probably more expensive.

@Cristiano, What are your requirements and budget?


--- Quote from: lem_ix on May 30, 2016, 09:07:06 am ---I have a PeakTech 3360 a similar meter to the Extech (made by the same oem, CEM).

--- End quote ---
If your 3360 is anything like this


The soldering is the usual CEM "quality".  That is, terrible.  Examples, C12, C36, R53 and the resistor next to it, DH4.  The pictured one above isn't as bad as some others shown here on the forum.


Another vote for the Brymen.  :-+

FWIW, Greenlee also rebrands Brymen (DM-860A is what they call the BM869). I also like these meters in green.  8)

As per Extech, they only rebrand the BM857 & BM859 AFAIK (renamed MM560A & MM570A respectively). Personally, I find the function symbol printing is a lot harder to read than an actual Brymen labeled unit.

Price wise, tme.eu is the least expensive source I'm aware of (BM869 is ~$230 shipped).


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