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Hi all mystery avo mk8

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I have just had a new to me avometer mk8 delivered just wondered what model it is as ,it seems a bit of an oddball!,firstly the round moulding where th mk is is blank and totaly flat so no embosing with the mk number also it has the normal bakelite case with like a steel outer case ontop of that , i am just puzzled as too what mk it is there are no miltary crows feet markings on it,the serial number is ,7012-c-153 ,also is it advisable to lubricate the meter movement say with some say sewing machine oil ?,got from a recycle firm via ebay £1 all in with original grabber probes seems to work flawless with new batterys fitted.I imagine its a mk1,theres calibration dater written on the rear of the meter scale last one was 1976,still seems accurate against my fluke dmm  tho.

Please do *NOT* destroy a collectable  analog meter by attempting to lubricate its movement with *ANYTHING* let alone something as inappropriate as sewing machine oil.

Definitely no oil . I had one many moons ago .
It got swiped or lost when we moved .
Under the metal plate there are the batteries.
The original battery was square 1.5 everready
But I guess that got replaced. 
To remove the plate don't remove the screws they just need loosening and flip forward.
They are really great analogue meters .
Nice find  :-+
I think there is a ruby jewel on the pivot

I've got what looks like a AVO Model 8 MKIV with a metal case (bronze hammerite), believe these are ex-NATO.  SN 3535.1267 (on meter scale).
Mine is in a green leather case with "TEST SET MULTIRANGE NO1" written on it as well as the AVO logo.
There was once a label inside with a very faded Germanic sounding name "Hans Dieter ?iel" in a flowery script.

NATO code: 6625-99-105-7056 on the case and 6625-99-105-7050 written on the meter scale.
The manual is part 93014, in natty orange. No reference to MK8 written.  It also goes to 3000V not the standard 2500V.

so any clues as too what i have?, decided not to lube anything,just replaced the main case as the original is rusty,may deust it with electrolysis and respray it,there was atypo,it was £17 not £1.


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