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Hioki DM7276-01 Precision DC Voltmeter (9 PPM)

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This HIOKI DM7276-01 has been added to my lab.

It is advertised as a 9ppm/year 7 1/2 digit DC Voltmeter with touch screen a very small footprint and lightweight.

Some specs:
- 100 mV ( ±120.000 00 mV) to 1000 V ( ±1000.000 0 V ), 5 ranges
- High-accuracy model with 1-year 9ppm Accuracy
- Capacitance contact check (using built-in C-monitor)
- Supports global production with built-in variable power supply
- Built-in EXT I/O, LAN, and USB
- Outstanding Long-term stability and Temperature characteristics
- Excellent noise performance approaching an 8-½ digit DMM
- Specifications ideal for everything from R&D to production lines at ¼ the conventional costs

I am just starting using this instrument and the first thing that is noticeable is its very fast warmup time from around 3 min, maybe less.

Stay tuned, first measurements should be interesting.

Anyone here having experience with this instrument?

A very interesting find !!
How much did it cost?

Can you share the documentation that is only available upon registration? "Instruction Manual", "Communication Command Instruction Manual".
I am already myself :))

Teardown? :)))))))))))))))

In regards to the documentation, here are the direct download links

HIOKI DM7275, DM7276 - datasheet english
Hioki product overview - Test equipment for batteries english

Hioki DM7275, DM7276 - Manual english

Application notes:
Effect of the measurement target output resistance and voltmeter input resistance on measured values
Measurement of the package potential of laminated lithium-ion batteries

Here I tested the warmup time of the DM7276.

My LTZ1000 reference was warmed up well, so no influence from that.
This little peak shortly before 2 min seems normal for this instrument.
It seems within 2 min this DM7276 is warmed up to get reliable values.
And this is even faster than the Keithley DMM7510.


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