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HP 3458A ; A/D board spare part availibilty and cost

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Dear Sir,

I am looking for a good A/D Board A3 (03458-66503 or 03458-66513).

Do you know know any one who want to sell to me ?

Requirement: after install the board into a 3458A, the 3458A should be able to pass self-test and AutoCal.

Please send a message to my email: michael_liu4444@163.com

Thanks & regards,

Liu Biao

Hello Voltnuts,

                         does anynone know why KS suddenly changed its policy and started to sell again these boards at acceptable cost ?
                         I have ordered a spare board - placed the order - and a few hours later I observed price went up from 1004€ to 1068€.
                         Or is KS only selling these 03458-66533 until stock lasts as next step up version will have the backwards sw compatibility bug removed ... (speculation) ?

Herzliche Grüße/Meilleures salutations/Best regards

still 42 11 12 0 to go :    https://www.keysight.com/my/partDetail/03458-66533



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