Author Topic: HP3458A ref BD, potential fake? Ebay (photos): 03458-66509 DCV Reference  (Read 1644 times)

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Hello, im new. Iv watched EEVblog for years on youtube, and also Marco Reps and Xdevs youtube has me all addicted.

So i bought an 03458-66509 ref board on ebay to power standalone. Iv been searching for all other HP3458A ref bd photos and honestly it looks kinda suspicious to me.
I asked questions about it (not shipped to me yet), no responses yet. He's got alot of random tech for sale that makes me lean a bit more legit. 
Via holes are all offset, silkscreen is offset. Both main IC's look weird.
What do you guys think!?
*better photo's if/when it arrives.

I have been blessed with an hp3458A, un-calibrated but great for me(to good for me). Tested with 10-Vref and seemed good.
Some 0.005% resistors i bought were on point as well, i can check the Ebay boards for resistor accuracy. 
Im not going to put the ebay board into my meter, just wanted some always on modern reference without yet building one .
I have an GPIB to usb adapter that came with the meter, but im starting green from zero to connect or record anything. I also do not have the meter powered up 24/7.
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Welcome to the forum.

Looks legit to me. I'd be more interested in pondering why it was sold in the first place. My mind instantly thinks of a jumpy LTZ.


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Im wondering if it came a destroyed meter,it seems a bit dirty. There is a recycling place in Pontiac,MI i visit that scraps nice stuff just for the gold covered cpu's and scrap the pcbs. Not everything makes it to resale.

Iv just noticed the outline markings from the missing plastic cover over the reference, so you are probably right on it being authentic. Well, i will do my diligence to have a test setup for it asap.
I can always return it and start work with Xdevs project LTZ1000 board. I cannot and probably will not be able to test like those folks, not my current goal really.

I do have a spare A/D ref board from an benchtop Fluke 8506A that i may power up in a box, but thats out of the scope of this post.
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I have a spare A9 board from upgrading to a 4 ppm board.  This occurred when I was trying to solve a problem which turned out to be the DREADED U180 problem.  My S/N range didn't match that in the 18A app note.  But later on I found out that the U180 problem can be any S/N range of the meter.  That whole mess resulted in replacing the A3 board which solved the problem.  Live and learn, very expensive lesion.
Anyhow the silk screen matches EXACTLY with your photos and the placement of the silk screen.  Even the black number on the back of the board fits.  My number is L4096450 and the D/C on my LT1013 is 9375 which also would account for your number, as your LT1013 has a later date code.  That number must be some sort of S/N or tracking number of the individual boards.    ( Just a guess however ).
I wouldn't worry about a "jumper" however.  This could also be from someone upgrading to either a 4 ppm or 2 ppm board.  You could also be correct about it being from a scrapped meter.
I am sure that your board is absolutely genuine!
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Well they canceled the order for the hp vref board after a week, never shipped it.
Kind of a blessing as i have a two Fluke 731B's coming in the mail.
I really need to sell some gear to offset these purchases, or have a plan i stick to.
There will always be something popping up for sale, i gotta stop looking for awhile.

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