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I have opportunity to ask Q to Mr John Pickering (Datron/Wavetek/Metron Designs)

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doktor pyta:
Just as I wrote in my first post, selected questions were sent to JP on March 10, 2021.
Other questions have to wait for next occasion.

1) Wavetek 9500 calibrator Service Manual
(Wavetek 9100 calibrator option 250 Service Manual I was already to buy)

2) Actel FPLD firmware:
  - for 9100 calibrator: 401240, 401241, 401256, 401379 and 401652
  - for 9500 calibrator: 401283, 401290, 401294 and 401768

3) 9100/9500 calibrator PCMCIA PC-Card firmware update card image

I am servicing this equipment and willing to pay $$$ for this information (email: UsedPribor gmail com)
Also I had to do reverse engineering FPLD ACT1010 (firmware 401240-2.0) from the Power PCB Assy 401238

@doktor pyta:
How did it end then? Was there a response from John Pickering or not?

doktor pyta:

JP sent me an email:
'(...) Unfortunately I've been very occupied (...).
(... during) Metrology Meeting (...) I'm talking about al lot of things that the questions were about. (...)'

So I' wouldn't expect more than that what was already said during MM2021.
Sorry folks. There is not much I can do.


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