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I have opportunity to ask Q to Mr John Pickering (Datron/Wavetek/Metron Designs)

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doktor pyta:
I have opportunity to ask questions to Mr John Pickering (Datron/Wavetek/Metron Designs).
It has to be done in a single email to save His time.  You have 14 days.

-service commands for 4700 and 4800 calibrators for dumping calibration NVRAM.
-short story of Datron
-volume of DMM and calibrators production
-personal engineering achievement You are most proud of

I don't personally have any question but it's a pretty cool initiative thanks!  :-+

That is awfully nice both from you and him!!

If nobody asks anything more useful, the reason behind the cutouts on LTZ1000 reference PCB ?  ^-^
He should know :-)

capt bullshot:
First, just give him some congrats on the designs. I've repaired a Datron 1061A and I found the overall design quite interesting, thanks to the description of operating principles in the manual.
I've got another Datron, a 1061-S86. Maybe he knows what this option (S86) is, the only thing I found there's a "ACF" setting at the front panel, but no explanation what it's supposed to do.

By now we all know that using the DUMP? command we can do the NVRAM backup of 1271/1281 DMMs.
I would ask him if there is a trick or a hidden command to do the restore as well.


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