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I still have a few LM399's hanging around. Ideas needed.


Last time I bought a few second-hand LM399's for a potential voltage reference or DIY multimeter project. Now that project seemed to be is all but fizzled out after I bought the UT61D, what can I do with them?

Additional parts that also get left behind in that project: MCP3911 dual percision ADC, LT1967 RMS to DC converter, ADR02B and ADR03B reference, and some precision resistors. Those are all brand new and are now sitting in baggies collecting dust.

Should I keep pushing that project on? If so, how do I deal with the highly sensitive inputs of MCP3911 with only a dual-layer board? Also how should I design an analog front-end around it? I also want to make use of the dual converter inside MCP3911 if possible.

If I should not push on, then how can I deal with those components, which aren't exactly cheap.


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