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Is it acceptable to calibrate my oscilloscopes with just a x-tal?

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Wallace Gasiewicz:
Yes, it certainly looks fine to me, I have done a few of these adjustments on my old scopes and your trace looks just fine. 

Your friend has too many frequency standards.  Like the man with two watches. He never is sure of the time of day.   
He needs to give one to you., because you were correct in your estimate of using a pulse generator.
On second thought, then you would have two things to compare so this is kinda like gifting a "white elephant".


--- Quote from: Wallace Gasiewicz on March 02, 2024, 05:37:14 pm ---So the OPs trace looks OK? I think so.

Quote from: tggzzz on Yesterday at 10:51:07 pm
Most importantly, see the scope's specification. 2% translates to one tick in 10divisions.

--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---

Well, a spec is a limit, not what's achievable with tweaking. I haven't checked that scope's spec, either.

My course of action would be to verify all power rails voltage and ripple, make sure backplane/switch contacts are stable, then get the service manual and tweak it until happy :)

I imagine the linearity could be improved a bit, but RTFM :)


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