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Probably SCAM Just a head-up:734a with 4x 732b


EDIT: reported in buy/sell/wanted, but I think this is the section where most people would be interested. Not related in any way, and definitely out of my league, but I bet there's people here that will know if it's good for him or not


PS: it looks as if a legit seller account has been broken into. Heard about other similar cases but it's the first time I see it live.

Yes, looks like a textbook example. In addition to everything which would produce large amounts of drool here (several Fluke calibrators!) there is gold, diamonds, furs, special guitars, rare collectibles ... Everything under the sun which can be valuable in used condition.

Definitely a hacked account, the seller is UK based and looking under sold items, normally sells low value plant & tree seeds.



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