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K71-7 precision capacitor

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In fact, these capacitors actually have very good accuracy and low Df and Da.
I am sorry, I could not find my data on the measurement of dielectric absorption (it was a long time ago). But I remember exactly that the dielectric absorption of these capacitors was low. Measuring again is a lengthy process and requires preparation. But I measured the capacitance and Df. I measured 2 randomly taken samples with a nominal value of 470nF 5% tolerance  and 100nF 0.5% tolerance. Measurement frequency was 1000Hz.

I don't consider 0.5% tolerance high precision.  But it's a relative term.  I think these could be considered general purpose, although they are better than most.

You can't fight over opinions.  Since precision is a general term, each of us interprets it differently.  I think 0.1% is precision.  Those would be expensive lab standards but I think that gets into the realm of precision.

Whatever they use in these...



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