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K72P-6 ultra low DA, DF capacitors

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Some time ago I measured the leakage current and the dielectric absorption coefficient of the K72P-6 22nF 200V capacitor.
The leakage was about 8fA at a test voltage of 50V.
Dielectric absorption was below 0.02%

Now I decided to measure the leakage of a capacitor accidentally taken from the box at nominal voltage.
It turned out to be K72P-6 56nF 200V.
Since I am going to see a leakage <1E-12A, a 1TΩ KVM resistor was connected in series with the capacitor to avoid noise gain amplification. The capacitor body has been grounded to avoid leakage through the insulators. I will publish the results after the readings have been established. Please consider the time constant of this RC circuit. For shortening the experiment time, before measurement capacitor was charged to nominal voltage by shortening series resistor.

How would you measure the dielectric absorption (DA) on capacitors of this quality?  In audio circles, they are highly regarded.


--- Quote from: shodan@micron on June 12, 2021, 02:55:52 pm ---Dear friend BSW_M, i known, you have bag of K72P-6 magic, please show DF results with yours TESLA meter. It may be much-much more dramatic.  ;D

--- End quote ---
Took a random capacitor and measured it with my Tesla BM595.

I also decided to publish preliminary data on the measurement of the leakage current. As you can see, the readings are still not established, but the leakage current is about 1pA.


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