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Morning all,

While looking at some stuff relating to Calibrations, I've found this company in Germany "kalibrierlabor.de", does anyone know about this company?

Since I don't speak German, from what I can see on the Accreditation PDF < http://kalibrierlabor.de/urkunde.pdf > they use an HP3458, Datron 4700 (from what I see this is only good till 6 1/2 digits), Fluke 5220, but nothing else.

So with curiosity I've ask a quote to my K2000, and they quote it at 117.81€ with VAT, according to ISO 9000 (I can upload the PDF of the quotation if anyone want to take a look), but what I can't see is if they provide the data before and after the calibration and if that is on the price.

The prices seem a little on the low side.

Any input on this?

The uncertainties seems to be quite high.

"Zu jeder Kalibrierung erhalten Sie einen Kalibrierschein nach DIN ISO 9000 ff mit einem Protokoll der Messwerte."

They provide the data.

e61_phil, that was what I seeing and trying to figure out.

Why the uncertainties are so high? This can be related to the Datron and Fluke?

The uncertainties come from the instruments and how often and where they send there instruments for verification. If they are more into checking lower precision instruments at a lower precision instrument for a low price, this might be good enough. In Industry not many instruments need to be that precise.

Just to compare I ask Tektronix in Germany a quote for the K2000, they quote 285€ with VAT for Cal + return shipping to Portugal, and 50€ for Data only.

So if I take about 35€ that is what should cost for Tek to send the K2000 to Portugal, the Tek price is 250€ with VAT + 50€ for the data = 300€.

Making the same math  117.81€ + 70€ (one shipping to Germany, one return shipping to Portugal) = 177.81€, so 177.81€ with VAT and Cal data.

The difference is 122.19€, would this make bigger difference?

I know you've to pay the brand of Tek, and of course low uncertainties, etc...

From the uncertainties I guess that for hobby use and 6.5d DMM this could be a low cost solution, but for the big boys 7.5, 8.5d DMM it's better go with the low uncertainties and with the brand.


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