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Keithley 2000 - Adjusting single ranges possible?

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I know, you can adjust "ALL" or "DC+OHMs" or "AC" separately...
But can you  adjust only one specific range (maybe by reading calibration data and writing modified data back by IEEE)?

Problem is:
Some devices look very nice at first verification of DCV but for example OHMs is not very well, and after running ALL or DC+OHMs calibration, DCV is often no longer as nice as before (but still in tolerance). So I'd like to only correct specific cal data of the bad ranges, not to degrade the other ranges...

Not so, unfortunatelly.

Alex Nikitin:
If you calibrate the 2000 over GPIB, it is possible to stop and save the constants after each section, for example you can calibrate only DC Volts, but not Ohms or Amps, or DC Volts and Ohms but not Amps and so on.



Do you know the commands to read and write cal memory over GPIB?

The calibration manual has them: http://ridl.cfd.rit.edu/products/IDTL%20products/Manuals/Keithley%20manuals/2000_905_01D.pdf

Chapter: 2-11


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