Author Topic: Keysigh 3458a ERRSTR 202, “HARDWARE FAILURE – SLAVE TEST: DC BOARD”  (Read 818 times)

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Hello all.

It's a wonderful machine when it runs properly!

I have the following error when the device finishes the self-test:

No other errors reported.

No output is given at any measurement, the screen stays blank without any number. Even TRIG didn't trigger.

We sent the device for service at Keysight and asked for "only" $7.5k to replace the DC Board and A/D board plus a calibration. I didn't foresee such a bill. So I didn't do the repair. It's such a valuable device to sit as a paper-weight though. Please help me get it running again.

Here are the faults reported by Keysight:
Time out unable to read A/D. Cal value Out of Range "95"

Can anyone who knows this device explain what this means?

I have started probing around in the device last week, and so far I have found that U2 (buffer that controls input relays) is not working, this failure could explain the DC BOARD error. I have suspicion that this is not the only problem!

Please note that this is a device I bought brand new and it was never tampered with before this incident.


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