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Keysight 34465A intermittent wrong readout ?

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thanks a lot, last time i "complained" about this, the advice was the oposite as far as i understood it,
now i turned auto zero on, and lets see in a few days, if this is all gone or not..

to Frank : FW is A.03.03-02.40-03.03-00.52-03-01
this unit was send back to my instrument responsible, he performed the fw upgrade
i dont mess with brand new calibrated company property (at least not with out asking first)
he showed me the firmware lock screen, it was asking for a password,
he also tried another 34465A same lock screen, he was in contact with our supplier, got the code, and could continue.
SEC option not installed
DIG Included
MEM not installed (pm me, if you know the trick ?? since i might get a similar unit,
for my self, once i find a place that sell them in white, i really hate the new black only)

Thanks for all the deep tech info, I did not see any difference from 10M to Auto, it bothers me a little bit, it dont say 10M/10G
but it only say 10M/Auto, even in Auto, how do the user expect to know, what it chooses as its Auto ?

My test : i keept looking at the displays 4 times pr day, and dont see any change at all, so i expect my voltage source is at good as the meter.
then suttently, the 34465 jumps 1-3 mV and stay wrong.. it is not a slow climb in error as you suggest.
i think the worst i have seen was 8mV of this suttently apearing error.


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