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Keysight MSOS104A Repair Attempt

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I've replaced the HMC720 and now the PLL2 is intermittently locking. which means that the level of the signal is low despite being on the right frequency.
There is a dual buffer that is on the OCO output (50MHz) which seems to be bad, as the output drops a lot compared to the input.
I've discovered that the output from the VCO is bad (see photos).
I was probing with a high bandwidth oscilloscope about (6GHz), and I could verify the presence of the signal beyond the dual buffer at the output of the Synth.
So I am suspecting 2 things now, VCO improper output and maybe some sort of buffer for the PLL2 beyond the HMC720.
Will check it later this evening and then will also check the Synth SPI coms.

The same old problems would surface, Keysight should pay attention to his product quality!


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