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Keysight MSOS104A Repair Attempt

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Good find.
Still going?

Hi Extrasolar,

The same PLL2 issue happened to my Keysight DSO-S 404A Digital Storage Oscilloscope. :-//
You mentioned a replace of all the Power Rail Caps(tantalum mostly) around the time-base area, was it just that?
Thanks a lot. :scared:
I will try to repair my DSO this weekend.

With best regards.

Hi all,
TLDR: I just made an account to tell you that Keysight seems to repair this issue for free :)
We have a DSOS054A which has been sitting unusable with this error for a year or so. I looked around and found only this thread, with repair seeming very difficult, so it sat some more. With the note about a recap being successful I recently opened it up, checked it out, and put some tantal caps into my mouser cart. Before actually doing it though I wanted to hear from Keysight what an official repair would cost, and while going to create a service request I found some service notes which detail the repair procedure (board swap), the most recent one (https://keysightsales.file.force.com/sfc/dist/version/download/?oid=00D1a000000awb5&ids=0685a00000nYQsW&d=%2Fa%2F5a000002gh2L%2FmeC7tIclK9L9B1_CDON938jLsjuTkG8X0XQbeUeKEKg&asPdf=true) saying "NO CHARGE AVAILABLE UNTIL: December 31, 2023".
So I wrote them and got told to send it to DHL for forwarding and subsequent repair "on warranty". The actual warranty ended years ago, but for this known production issue they seem to not care about that.
I am not sure if the "no charge" will actually expire or they will extend it again, as they seem to have done before.

Hope this helps someone,


--- Quote from: veloyage on October 04, 2023, 01:39:27 pm ---
 "NO CHARGE AVAILABLE UNTIL: December 31, 2023".

Hope this helps someone,

--- End quote ---

What a nice surprise, good to know.
Keysight sometimes is very generous with scope problems, even if they are out of warranty.

Haven't  tried to continue  repairing mine yet. So much work,  it's nearly impossible to find free time for  anything else anymore.

Last time i brought this problem up with Keysight they quoted me an initial 6000EUR cost for replacing acquisition board. I've sent them  another request referencing the attached service note.  Let's see what happens.


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