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Moderator note I have been asked by someone who seems familiar with the project to update this first post with details available much further along the thread to aid those looking for the code: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/metrology/lady-heather-v6-beta-for-windows-exe/msg3257200/#msg3257200

UPDATED:  to version 6.14 Beta. 

I have had a LOT of requests for the Windows version of the latest version  of Lady Heather for Windows.   Unfortunately aggressive blocking of .exe files by ISPs makes it very hard to email the .exe file (even password protected .zip files get blocked).  Also very few Windows users seem to be able to compile the code.

So, attached here, is the latest version .exe file and the documentation in a .txt file.   THIS IS JUST THE .exe  FILE!   TO USE IT WILL NEED TO HAVE v5.0 OR LATER INSTALLED AND WORKNG (install from ke5fx.com) AND REPLACE THE v5.0 heather.exe FILE WITH THIS ONE (BACKUP YOUR OLD .exe FIRST).

This version supports a few of new devices (including Trimble RT17 format devices such as the NetRS and the Samsung UCCM format GPSDOs) and has some new features including an RPN calculator.  Check the heather.txt file for the command line options for selecting your device type etc.

(BTW, for you TruePosition users the command line option for talking to the TruePosition GPSDO is /rxo)

I'll try to keep this post updated with new revisions.  They will probably all still have the "v6.0" version number, but the compile time info gets automatically updated.

Currently supported devices in v6.08:
      GPS Receivers:
        Ashtech Z12 receiver
        Furuno GT-8031 (uses $PFEC commands)
        Furuno GT-87xx (using eSIP commands)
        GPSD interface (mainly a Linux/macOS/FreeBSD thing - GPSD provides
             a shared read-only interface to numerous GPS devices.
        Jupiter-T  (aka Zodiac)
        Motorola binary
        NVS BINR binary (115200:8:N:1)
        Sirf binary
        Trimble TSIP binary receivers
        Trimble TAIP receivers
        Trimble SV6/SV8/ACE-III
        Trimble Accutime / Palisade receivers
        Trimble RT17 format receivers (like the NetRS)
        TymServe 2000 (not yet tested)
        Ublox UBX binary
        Venus/Navspark (115200:8:N:1)

     GPSDO's (GPS disciplined oscillators):
        Brandywine GPS-4 receiver
        DATUM STARLOC II GPSDO - inferior wannabe Thunderbolt
        Jackson Labs LTE Lite
        Lars simple GPSDO controller (used with any 1PPS output GPS receiver)
        Lucent RFTG-m GPSDO
        Lucent KS24361 REF0/Z3811A  Z3812A
        NEC GPSDO ... STAR-4 compatible at 115,200 baud
        Oscilloquartz STAR-4 GPSDO (management interface)
        Oscilloquartz OSA-453x GPSDO
        SCPI - Nortel telecom GPSDOs like NTWB and NTPX in SCPI mode
        SCPI (Z3801A/Z38015/Z3816/etc style)
        SCPI (HP5xxxx style)
        Spectrum TM4  (not fully tested)
        Trimble TSIP binary GPSDOs (like the Thunderbolt and numerous
          "telecom" GPSDOs.
        TruePosition GPS
        UCCM - small Trimble / Symmetricom / Samsung telecom GPSDOs
          (57600 baud)
        Zyfer Nanosync 380 (19200:8:N:1)

    Atomic frequency references:
       HP 5071A cesium beam oscillator
       Spectratime/Temex LPFRS rubidium
       Spectratime/Temex RMO rubidium  (same as LPFRS)
       Spectratime SRO100/SRO70 rubidium
       SRS PRS-10 rubidium oscillator
       Symmetricom SA22 rubidium (60 Mhz and 58.9824 MHz ref freq)
       Symmetricom X72 rubidium
       Symmetricom X99 rubidium

       Acron Zeit WWVB receiver
       Gravity/solid earth tide clock (uses system clock to display
         solid earth tides and gravity offset,  Requires manual entry
         of latitude/longitude/altitude)
       No receiver, uses system clock.

    Time and frequency counters:
       Generic frequency/time interval counters
       HP531xx counters
       Lars simple GPSDO controller
       PICPET simple timestamping interval counter chip
       TAPR TICC time interval counter

       Simple terminal emulator
       RPN calculator

Here is a link to the source code.  This is the Linux/MacOS/FreeBSD package.  Check the readme.txt file to compile it.  The files heath*.c* also work with Windows (assuming you can compile the v5.0 code from ke5fx.com).  There is also a pre-compiled version for MacOS (see the readme.txt file for installation information)


Thank you, texaspyro

If you are running Linux, Ras PI, macOS, or FreeBSD (or even, gasp!, Windows) PM me your email address and I can send you the source code to compile.


 please send me the file... but I am really not a PC guru... and even the LH application before  had trouble.... because it was running just 15 sec and the disconnected from the GPS receive........ I was unable to correct this problem.....
thanks a lot in advance...
Rgds Ernie.


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