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LEA-6T disciplined SRS PRS10 Rb

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I've been working on improved house standard and experimenting with different options.  Here's my latest attempt.  I just got it hooked up and am going to let the gps complete it's thing before calling it good but the Rb locked up quickly.  Before when I plugged it in and after a few minutes pics of the interface board.  It hasn't even warmed up but looks really promising on the 53132A!  I'm hoping this might become my new standard that can beat my Thunderbolt.


I need to run it more but I think the DUT is probably better than the external reference the 53132 is using the BG7TBL GNSSDO.  I want to try the SR620 with recommendation from the PRS10 manual setup.

I am interested in following your progress.
I'm currently in the process of measuring my two Rb standards against each other and comparing them to my GPSDOs with a view to producing my own GPSDO at some point (time permitting).

The ADEV curve (line) though I think is just a measure of the 500ps one-shot resolution of the counter. Both the GPSDO and the disciplined Rb should be well below it (<10^-11 at 1 sec and ~10^-12 at 100 secs).
The specs for the LPFRS (the one I have) is
2x10^-11 /1s
and I'd expect your set up to be a bit better than this.
Also see:

Looking good so far.  I'll try longer.

Hi Notfaded1,

Could You extend the measurement up to 20000 second


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