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Line filters for your Calibration gears and dmm

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Hi all,
I believe i have finally fixed my 731A i have replaced the 2 resistors at the gain opamp and 3D printed a small shell around the reference ic and opamp blocks.
However during the data recoding, i am getting about 30uv jump from time to time and not sure where it is coming from then i realized it is in sync with my light switch and outdoor acunit.
I have slapped a keithely harmonic reduction module that feeds both my 34470 and dmm7510 but can only minimize the effect. 731A is on battery so i think it is ok..
Is there anything else i can do to minimize this?

test lab in steel cage or underground
radio amateurs turn off all devices to not spoil their expensive receivers (sensitivity <0.1uV)

Debounce the switch(es) causing the interference. :phew:


--- Quote from: Messtechniker on September 26, 2022, 07:20:11 am ---Debounce the switch(es) causing the interference. :phew:

--- End quote ---
if it is not SCR


--- Quote from: opa627bm on September 26, 2022, 06:58:16 am ---Is there anything else i can do to minimize this?

--- End quote ---

Did you already try a 100nF capacitor across the 10V output pins?
Eventually you will need a 10-100 Ohms series resistor to prevent the output from oscillating.

With best regards



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