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LM399 based 10 V reference

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The single opamp plus the tansistors is better in your case as your first opamp feeds the 399's (or 1399's) zener directly which adds 8mW of heat to it. Better to move the heat off the first opamp, let heat up the transistor.
Also with 2 opamps their drifts may add up in an unwanted way.

Ok, so I've modified the circuit to add the overcurrent / overvoltage protection like the example shown.
However, based on some simulations, it seems that the 10k resistor also should be quite stable, as it can affect the output voltage.
Also, are the LM78XXs suitable for this? Or should some other linear regulator be used?

Because your wiring is wrong again..
Have a close look at my examples above..

Oh, ok. Thanks!


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