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Low ohm precision resistor standard and testing

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For my work, I need to measure lots of low ohm resistors in the range of 0.01 to 0.1 ohm
And for reference I found a couple really nice calibration resistors on ebay for a low price.

This one is a Burster, Made in Germany
Type 1240-0,01
- 10 mOhm
- Tol. : 0.03 %
- Imax: 14 A

I hooked it up to my Keithley 2460 SMU and send 1.00000 A source current through the resistor
The resistance shows at 0.01000 Ohm without any movements of the last digit

So, either I was lucky to have a "perfectly" trimmed resistor or the calibration between the resistor and the instrument are just on spot.

Anyone else here on the forum that has to use low resistance standards?
What are you using and how stable are those resistors?

I'm not using nothing so fancy. Only Vishay VCS332. Values from 1R-R1 mounted on piece of aluminium.With measuring with continuous current I see the temperature drift, one of good features of SMU's - easily you can setup measurement with pulses to eliminate self-heating.
What did you paid for such nice resistance standards?
Hookup the 3458A and measure voltage with it to see how stable it is.

I have Leeds Northrup 4385 box, 0.02%, multiple ranges for various currents.

Like this one: http://www.ebay.de/itm/171945773961

When I get home I can measure the resistances, but none of my meters (K2001,K2015,34401A,3457A) are calibrated and I don't have an SMU to source the current so precisely :/ Maybe a mini-teardown instead?

I bought it, as it was cheap on eBay to measure higher currents than my DMMs allow (2-3A max) and more precisely. For example to calibrate my 6632B in the manual they require Guildline 9230/15 shunt and these Guildline are difficult to get and expensive and I think my L&N is almost as good.

I think you need one more digit of resolution to judge if it is on spec, no? Is there a typo?

edit: awesome meter and cables there!  :-+

You may need a low resistance meter.  :)


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