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Low Thermal E.M.F. Binding Post TBP3

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Hi everyone,

I intentionally wanted to post this as a xmas surprise, but it took me a little longer to complete and approve the datasheet.
After my failed attempt to get PK4T binding post re-manufactured by MC Stäubli, I'm now happy to announce that there are new low thermal e.m.f. binding posts available.
I'm organizing the EU group order, so only one person has to deal with customs. Please find attached the datasheet for the posts. You can choose between bare copper or Ni/Au plating, between black and gray body and between different colors for the insert.


A = 0, CuTe
A = 1, CuTe with Ni/Au plating
B = 0, Black Insulation
B = 1, Gray Insulation
XX = 00, Black insert
XX = 01, White insert
XX = 02, Red insert
XX = 03, Blue insert
XX = 04, Green insert

The prices are as followed:

Please add to that customs, VAT and shipping costs.
You want to get your hands on posts? Then send me a PM with a valid name, nickname, mail address and which posts you want in what quantity. Here an example:

name: Dave Example
nickname: DaveExample
mail address: dave@example.com

2x TBP3-0-0-02 (pure copper, black body, red insert)
2x TBP3-0-1-00 (pure copper, grey body, black insert)
2x TBP3-1-0-02 (gold plated, black body, red insert)
2x TBP3-1-1-00 (gold plated, grey body, black insert)


finally the binding posts of my wet dreams.

do you have a link to the supplier?

The pitch between adjacent binding post must be as little as 0.75" (19.05 mm) in order to "comply" with the Multimeter/Calibrator tradition.

Hi branadic,

Thanks a lot for organizing. PM sent.

The binding posts were designed by an eevblog forum member located in Asia and are manufactured there too, so there is no supplier link.
I'm just organizing the group order, will import the posts to EU with VAT and customs and will send them from here to everyone located in EU.

A pitch of 19.05 mm is no problem, I received this neat little demoboard showing a pitch of 19.05 mm with the backlight turned on.



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