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Lowest drift, lowest noise voltage reference (ADR1000AHZ)

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For me your contributions are welcome yet worthless as long as you painfully avoid any evidence to backup your opinions. Others in this forum present numbers, measurement logs, images and videos. Or they refer to third party contributions.


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--- Quote from: dietert1 on May 26, 2024, 06:13:42 pm ---You mean there is no preventive maintainance on your equipment? Although you believe in Murphy's law?

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If you knew me personally, you would not say that even in jest. The 732a units have their batteries replaced every 18-24 months max. I don't know if you have any manufacturing experience, or dealing with QA groups in the field, but I assure you defects occur all the time despite best efforts. The battery industry is nowhere near as stringent as the Aerospace industry that I deal with. As such, batteries do fail, even new ones, and if you happen to be unlucky enough to have a battery fail during even a brief interruption of mains power, then you are out of luck. Also, 2 comments about that sentence, 1) It is an extremely unlikely event, and 2) I would never risk it even if it were as unlikely as winning the lottery because we've spent tens of thousands of dollars on calibrations and certifications to get very low uncertainties.

@Dr. Frank, I would gladly do this test as an experiment, but alas, I've not been able to obtain this device for testing. If there is anyone in the US who has this reference that they've been observing for drift and want to have us put it in our lab for long term testing against our 732a/b/c bank, let me know.


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We can personally confirm that the Aerospace Industry here in US was quite stringent, at least where we spent 20 years at Honeywell, they paid attention to every detail however minute!!


I don't know if you were in Honeywell's industrial division, but they made the best controllers. I have customers who have UDC3000s in service for over 30 years.



I now passed 19 kHrs:

nothing new so far:

the 10V/7V divider on ADR#01 drift has stabilized but has still a slight upward drift.

The 7V outputs of ADR#01 and ADR#02 trend to further settling.

Detailed explanation of the diagrams see post of 14 kHrs

with best regards



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