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LowThermal Binding Post CAD

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--- Quote from: HighVoltage on January 10, 2022, 09:49:53 am ---...

Can you save them again with standards STEP or IGS settings, then it should work well.

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The STEP file and IGS were exported with default settings. I have not changed the default settings at all.  :-//

There is a setting in the STEP export to have only surface data exported.
Then the user can not change the model.
This is why I can look through the nut (above attachment)

I have seen this many times before, when vendors do not want to publish full
volumetric data and keep their IP. Only when I have asked them to send a full
volumetric data STEP, then it worked.

You might want to look at the detailed option settings in your CAD software
for the STEP and IGS exports.

After importing your STEP file in to an old version of SpaceClaim, I saved it again as a STEP file.
Then I saved all parts individually and assembled them again in Solidworks.

At the end it was perfect inside of Solidworks.
Thanks again for your great work!


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