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LTC1052 + LTC1028 noise control ? amplifier compare to LTC1043 solution

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Could you show us a practical wiring of the 1052 and a standard opamp (ie like op07) for example (the 1052 being the servo)? The 1028 opamp above has got pretty weird wiring, imho (around pins 1 and 8 )..

The LTC1028 has the classic offset adjustment pins which comes in handy in the given application example. It offers a summing node that is not exposed to common mode changes. Without the offset adjustment pins it would be more complex though possible...perhaps.
Edit: The wiring is not weird - the 1028 offers just simple offset compensation inputs :). The resistors at pin 1 and pin 2 create an offset through the higher current into pin 8. The output of the 1052 can only operate below 5V (that's the highest voltage available). Going lower, more and more current will be conducted through the 68k resistor, evening out the current difference and going further down inverting the offset. That way the servo gets a defined range in both polarities.


ADA4523 looks to have impressive performances for the price which under 5 Euro retail in the same of price range of the OPA189 , that allow to make trials at reasonable costs



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