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LTZ1000 10v buffer

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After trying the LTC1050 + LT1010 combo and a few other ideas I ended up with a LTC1250 driving a 2N5088 and I'm really happy with it.  Short circuit current is 18mA, drives a 2.5K load without issue.  Noise appears very low, but wont be able to test it for sure until final assembly.  The 350 and 1K resistors in the trimming section are Vishay Z202's, VR1 is a Burns Trimpot 3290 Vishay Accutrim 1240W,  the 10K Rf and 25.2K Rg is a Vishay VHD divider network.  Appears to be very stable even in the breadboard and I'm happy with the trimmer setup, especially for using parts I have.

Edit - updated the trimmer section to correct VR1 placement and the wiper orientation (cw increases the voltage output).

Sharable link to the Scheme-It file and app;

I like the 2057, but SMD wont work well for this particular project.  The LTC1250 is less noisy than the LTC1050 and seems to about the best option for old school through hole.

kj7e, what did you use to design that circuit?


--- Quote from: DiligentMinds.com on February 25, 2018, 03:43:48 am ---There are DIP adapters available...

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Ill take a look.


--- Quote from: cellularmitosis on February 25, 2018, 03:58:00 am ---kj7e, what did you use to design that circuit?

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Grid paper and a HP35 calculator... but mostly trial and error haha.  I drew it up on Digikeys Scheme-it on-line app.

Just to make it look more professional.


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