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This really messes things up, but the further we go, the more relevant it is.

How about a (duck and run) switching power supply?

That frees you up quite a bit on the battery voltage. It takes care of the "local power" switch over issue (use diode voting). You can get some pretty quiet parts from Linear that come in quite small packages. Filter it / decouple it / follow it with a LT1764. You should be able to keep it from making much of a mess.


Hehe, from two separate batteries for heating and reference to a switching power supply....

I will start with the oven and collect some experience


It's a design, of course you go all over the map digging into things. :)



--- Quote from: uncle_bob on February 13, 2016, 07:46:33 pm ---
How about a (duck and run) switching power supply?

--- End quote ---

That has the good side effect that you can adjust the output voltage just by holding your hand near above the output lines.
(the disadvantage is that you should not breathe to keep the output voltage stable).

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I would have no expectation of using the switcher directly for anything. I'd have it generate a bulk supply and then regulate that with something I trust. I'd then re-regulate that supply further down the line for this and that need.

That said, I have not seen a major issue with stability on the Linear all in one parts. Since they have a lot of parts, this:

http://www.linear.com/product/LTM8055 is the sort of thing I'm talking about.

Fine for something that is happy at a percent. Nonsense for something that needs 100uV or less. Enough of it is self contained that the "noise loops" are not going to be gigantic. I normally put coils on output and input before I do anything with similar parts.



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