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Hello everyone! I have to reprogram EEPROM: M48Z58-70PC1 (new) with a programmer: TL866CS, and I can not find it in the list; even manually, it appears to me to me: "unknown." How to do??? Someone an idea ???? (I own the original memory). Thank you for your help! |O

I do not have your programmer, but you can check if you find Dallas DS1230AB (which I guess is compabible, but please check yourself first) and try it

BTW: The Metrology subforum is probaly not the best choise to ask this

It's not metrology-grade thread, but I agree with quarks. Try DS1230 or regular SRAM, as last time I remember it was standard JEDEC-pinout. Didn't check before post.  :popcorn:

Hello; actually I tried: and miracle, it works! Thank you very much; I will return to this forum !! :clap: :clap: :clap:


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