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Making Do with What You Got/ Building a Thermal Stability Fixture

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Did you find a RS-232 programming manual for the AE-800?

Regards, Dieter

Edit: See here: https://www.kepcopower.com/support/cotek_communication_protocol_spec_a5_0928.pdf

Those mosfets are specced with Rdson = 1.4 milliOhm typ and 1.8 milliOhm max, a pretty solid build. When looking at your image and thinking about heat, i found the solution for low output operation of my Cotek AE-800. As of the AE-800 spec sheet operation below 10 % of nominal 30 V output isn't recommended, but i can use the polarity switch to implement PWM between -3 V and + 3 V. With a little bit more firmware one can keep "linear" operation of the AE-800 outside of +/- 3 V interval. Have to try yet.

Thanks again for sharing the info!

Regards, Dieter

A TEC is quite nonlinear, and even the parabola approximation is not perfect (this ignores the resistance going up with temperature). So I would not worry so much about the linearity of the output stage.


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