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АВК-6 Анти-Вибрационный Кабель , разработка №6.
(AVK-6 Anti-Vibration Cable, model 6)
Сoaxial structure:
1. Core (silver plated Cu)
2. Semiconductor layer (Floursiloxane)
3. Insulation (Polytetrafluoroethylene)
4. Semiconductor layer (Floursiloxane)
5. Shield (silver plated Cu)
6. Outer jacket (Polyvinyl chloride)

АВКТМ-1 Анти-Вибрационный Кабель Термостойкий Миниатюрный, одножильный.
(AVKTM-1 Anti-Vibration Cable, wide temperature range, miniature, single core)
Triaxial structure:
1. Core (silver plated CuCr-Zr alloy)
2. Insulation (Polytetrafluoroethylene)
3. Semiconductor layer (Floursiloxane)
4. Inner shield (silver plated Cu)
5. Inner jacket (Polytetrafluoroethylene)
6. Outer shield (silver plated Cu)
7. Outer jacket (Polytetrafluoroethylene)

New time and motherboard PCB arrived, hope build it soon.

Micron-GLIN main transformer evolution

Thanks to JSC "Tula Transformers Plant", they build good custom "vintage-grade" main transformers, fast(2-4 week) and cheap(250$ per pack of 5 pcs.)

New version designed to fix powerline undervoltage problem and other small optimizations.
Pri side: 230VAC +-10%
Sec side: 30+30VAC@50mA; 20+20VAC@250mA;  7VAC@1700mA
Options: Electrostatic shield between Pri-Sec side, varnish impregnation, isolation voltage 1.75 kV.

PS. Now i share all free time and funds for treatment my cats, but soon project will be continued. :popcorn:

Dear shodan@micron, you have nice project!

Is USB interface fine to control equipment? GPIB is old, maybe LXI?

Does USB allow to build up of automated system that includes another equipment (DMMs, powers supplys and so on)? I mean almost any equimpent has GPIB/LXI and you GLIN has USB))

USB is fine for control.
Why not?

Ideal lab:

Real autonomous lab controller: :-DD


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